Balanced Scorecard system has 2 types of users : Administrator and Normal users. An adminstrator can create strategy map for the company, enter employee details, view scorecards for all employees, give feedback for other employees as Manager or Supervisor.

A normal user can create a scorecard for self, view it, do self appraisal.


An administrator can create a strategy map, add Aims, Objectives, Measures, Targets for the company, activate the map. This can be done by following these steps:
  1. Click Balanced Scorecard
  2. Under the "Strategy Map" menu, click on "Create Map" This will take you to the login page.
  3. Administrator User : demo

    Administrator pass : demo

    Organization : Demo Company
  4. After successful login, the system will ask you to provide Financial Aim, followed by Customer Aims, Internal Prospects Aims, and Learning and Growth Aims.
  5. Enter all the possible aims. These can be added by clicking "Add Strategy" link under "Strategy Map" menu.
  6. Follow this by adding "Objectives", "Targets and Measures".
  7. Activate this map using the "Activate Map" link.
  8. Click on "View Map" to view the entire map created.
Employee Setup

An adminstrator can also add employees in the system. Employee number and password will become the login credentials for the individual to create card.


Under the "Appraisal" menu, there are 4 sub items:
  1. Self
  2. Supervisor
  3. Manager
  4. HR Department
Username and password to do a self appraisal are your employee number and the password provided when creating the employee in "Create Employee" menu.

Username and password for Supervisor are supervior/supervisor, for Manager are manager/manager, for HR Department are hr/hr.

Balanced Scorecard

To create a scorecard, enter your employee number and the password supplied when creating the employee. After sucessful login, if the grade of the employee is "H", then the employee will be provided with all the strategies of the company. The employee can then select relevant strategies for his/her department.

After selecting the strategies, the user will be redirected to the "Scorecard" page.

The user can now add further objectives to fulfil an aim, add targets / measures and action plan to achieve the same. The user can also add more strategies by clicking "Add New Aim". This new strategy will only be applicable to his/her department.

If the grade of the user is not "H", then the user will see all aims mapped to his/her department by the department head. The user can add his target/measure and action plan to achieve the aims. However, the user cannot add new strategy.

View Scorecard

The user can view scorecard by using the "View Scorecard" link under "Balanced Scorecard" menu. Login using the login credentials provided. If the individual is department head (Grade H), then the individual will be able to see the scorecard for other employees in his/her department.

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