Psychometric Testing & Recruiting Canada
Specializing in
Recruiting, Assessment, Pre & Post Hiring Testing,
Balanced Scorecard – PMS, Business Intelligence Systems,
Is pleased to offer a suite of value added solutions customized to specific needs of the learner

The Organization facilitates creation & implementation of software solutions for
everyday business needs in the field of Human Resources

Founded in 1992 as Skill Search International, the company has been a thought,
development & execution leader for many years satisfying a wide range client needs.

Psychometric Testing & Recruiting Canada
Is a Business Performance Management Company – Using
“CAPASITY © – Capability Assessment Integrity”
the company focuses on TWO Value Adding Software Development Services.
Strategic Business Balanced Scorecard & Performance Assessments
All its services are technology oriented facilitating easy implementation for the
A Technology company with a Difference – We work with clients using a
Consulting Methodology where we understand the needs of the client & offer
customized solutions within a suite of Packaged Software

We are in business with an objective to add value and serve where our
contribution is sought and is of relevance.
We guarantee depth of learning, internalization and result orientation

PT Canada On Line Recruiting Portal

The Recruiting Portal provides ON LINE JOB search facility for both
the Employer & the Job Seeker. With an infinite applicant data base, the portal
is a powerful Search Engine enabling vertical & analytical search providing an
advantage to the corporate sector seeking top talent. The portal backend
enables speedy & secure data protection including privacy.

Advantage – Employer

The Portal brings in best practices
from world-class search engines such
as PT Canada, Monster, Naukri,
Workapolis, Google, Diversity
providing powerful search options
including Candidate Evaluation,
Geographic Preference, Global
Experience, Psychometric Test Result,
Competency Evaluation, Career
Aspiration & Peer Comparisons.
Corporate can seek peer profiles,
international applicants etc
Advantage – Job Aspirant

The portal is not just a job site but a
Career Counselor, providing
feedback on job placement across
the world, psychographic profiling,
career aspirations & vocational fit.
This site offers discerning
knowledge of corporate entities that
provides them a best culture fit. The
portal enables ON LINE CV
construction & for the applicant a
science behind writing & submitting

Software Features

1. User Login & Security Features
2. Privacy Agreement/Non Disclosure
3. Inbuilt Search Engine to elicit
candidates for employers & Jobs
for Candidates
4. In Built Psychometric Testing
5. On Line Assessment provided as an
additional link (Optional)
6. User Defined Multiple Report –
Analytics Generation Capability
7. Compatible with ERP packages, as
a middle ware
8. Web enabled, available both as a
off the shelf product & with user
Functional Features

1. Functional, Industry, Location,
Experience, CV skill Sorting
2. Job Based Analysis
3. Collection of detailed
demographic information of
4. Competency Profiling for each
Job Role against benchmarked
5. On Line Assessment provided as
an additional link (Optional)
6. Multiple Report Generation
7. Employer Space for Analysis
8. Candidate Space for career
counseling, CV writing,
Interviewing Tips etc


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