Packaged Software
Assessment & Testing Products

Employee Position Evaluation System Headcount Management

To scientifically assess the value of a position for decision support
Define the objectives of a position, the job to be performed, the responsibilities involved, the skills needed relationship of this position to the other positions
E Applied Intellectual Capital Assessment Base

Patented quantitative model for measurement & benchmarking of the intellectual worth of individuals, teams, departments & various businesses
Decision making for optimum levels of manpower – Used for Mergers & Acquisitions to value Human Resources
E Human Resources Information System

HRIS package includes Position Evaluation, Manpower planning, Staffing, campus recruitment, on line screening, data base management, training, competency mapping, coaching, retention, performance, goal setting, review & feedback
E Learning Technology Products

IT Products include E learning courses/training/long term programs (Web/CD Rom & Multi Media Enabled), HR IT Products in the areas of General - functional management, Business Policy Strategy, Job Descriptions, Managerial & Communication Skills, Business Skills, Competency Development, 360 degree feedback, Problem Solving, Negotiations, Innovation & Creativity, People & Performance
Outsourcing for Package Development, Web Design

IT Solution includes outsourced software developers, web design /project specialists, program managers & change management consultants
Competency Based Recruitment

Software Package includes designing & implementing a comprehensive Competency Based Recruitment Processes, Mapping People Competency Profiling, Recruitment Center – Usage of tools, techniques, simulations, in basket battery, technical, managerial, behavioral competency mapping
Hiring Benchmarking for Best Practices

On Line Manpower Planning, Hiring & staffing System

The Current Perspective
Self-doubt and Distractions
Lots of stress, no fun
Minimal anticipation
Distrust and a negative environment
Insufficient recognition and rewards
Insufficient sense of contribution
Boredom and repetition
Fears about low growth
Concerns about management competence
What Employees Want
An enjoyable work experience
A job to look forward
Great people to work with
Recognition & fair rewards
Results employees can create/contribute to
Challenge, variety & stretch
Promising future
No concerns about management
Few concerns about workload
A Great Place to Work

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