Psychometric Testing & Recruiting Canada
Specializing in
Recruiting, Assessment, Pre & Post Hiring Testing,
Balanced Scorecard – PMS, Business Intelligence Systems,
Is pleased to offer a suite of value added solutions customized to specific needs of the learner

The Organization facilitates creation & implementation of software solutions for
everyday business needs in the field of Human Resources

Founded in 1992 as Skill Search International, the company has been a thought,
development & execution leader for many years satisfying a wide range client needs.

Psychometric Testing & Recruiting Canada
Is a Business Performance Management Company – Using
“CAPASITY © – Capability Assessment Integrity”
the company focuses on TWO Value Adding Software Development Services.
Strategic Business Balanced Scorecard & Performance Assessments
All its services are technology oriented facilitating easy implementation for the
A Technology company with a Difference – We work with clients using a
Consulting Methodology where we understand the needs of the client & offer
customized solutions within a suite of Packaged Software

We are in business with an objective to add value and serve where our
contribution is sought and is of relevance.
We guarantee depth of learning, internalization and result orientation

On Line Recruiting Portal

The Recruiting Portal provides ON LINE JOB search facility for both
the Employer & the Job Seeker. With an infinite applicant data base, the portal
is a powerful Search Engine enabling vertical & analytical search providing an
advantage to the corporate sector seeking top talent. The portal backend
enables speedy & secure data protection including privacy.

Advantage – Employer

The Portal brings in best practices
from world-class search engines such
as PT Canada, Monster, Naukri,
Workapolis, Google, Diversity
providing powerful search options
including Candidate Evaluation,
Geographic Preference, Global
Experience, Psychometric Test Result,
Competency Evaluation, Career
Aspiration & Peer Comparisons.
Corporate can seek peer profiles,
international applicants etc
Advantage – Job Aspirant

The portal is not just a job site but a
Career Counselor, providing
feedback on job placement across
the world, psychographic profiling,
career aspirations & vocational fit.
This site offers discerning
knowledge of corporate entities that
provides them a best culture fit. The
portal enables ON LINE CV
construction & for the applicant a
science behind writing & submitting

On Line Performance Management – Strategic
Business Balanced Scorecard Portal

Advantage – Employer

The SBBSC – PMS Portal built around
the two decade long concepts of BSC -
Kaplan & Norton © & Andersen
Business Consulting © brings in best
practices from world-class ERP
packages is customized to build
Strategy Maps, Construct Objectives,
Key Result Areas, Key Performance
Indicators, Initiatives, Action Plans &
Value Drill Exercises. The package
provides a user friendly method to
cascade objectives & monitor
Advantage – User

The SBBSC – PMS Portal enables
departmental heads to understand
& apply the Strategy Map at the
operational level, bringing down
relevant objectives to the operating
level, identifying value creation
factors, eliminate non strategic
work. The head of the function
establishes targets, measures,
monitors performance, sets base line
data, enables comparative
benchmarks, provides feedback post
on line monitoring.

Suite of Integrated Recruiting Solutions

We offer a complete range of
Technology Solutions

On Line Recruitment
On Line Competency Based Assessment
Psychometric Testing Based Recruitment
On Line Balanced Scorecard – Performance Management System
On Line hiring & Testing & Benchmarking

“Open the mind, create best practices, build a learning organization, manage knowledge
and measure intellectual capital through futuristic HR solutions”

On Line Assessments - Competency Mapping, Assessment & Development Center
A completely automated Assessment Center – Software enables establishing role based competencies, competency clusters, meta & sub competencies, assigning proficiency levels, establishing standards, defining behaviors, using a competency dictionary with over 1000 competencies & behaviors with user friendly templates for assessor evaluation, data entry, scoring, compilation & analysis of scores, gap analysis, integrated with psychometric tests to generate comprehensive reports at a confidential level for the company & at a developmental level for the individual. Easy to use for hiring, promotions, career & succession planning including training & development

Packaged Software
Assessment & Testing Products

Employee Position Evaluation System Headcount Management

To scientifically assess the value of a position for decision support
Define the objectives of a position, the job to be performed, the responsibilities involved, the skills needed relationship of this position to the other positions
E Applied Intellectual Capital Assessment Base

Patented quantitative model for measurement & benchmarking of the intellectual worth of individuals, teams, departments & various businesses
Decision making for optimum levels of manpower – Used for Mergers & Acquisitions to value Human Resources
E Human Resources Information System

HRIS package includes Position Evaluation, Manpower planning, Staffing, campus recruitment, on line screening, data base management, training, competency mapping, coaching, retention, performance, goal setting, review & feedback
E Learning Technology Products

IT Products include E learning courses/training/long term programs (Web/CD Rom & Multi Media Enabled), HR IT Products in the areas of General - functional management, Business Policy Strategy, Job Descriptions, Managerial & Communication Skills, Business Skills, Competency Development, 360 degree feedback, Problem Solving, Negotiations, Innovation & Creativity, People & Performance
Outsourcing for Package Development, Web Design

IT Solution includes outsourced software developers, web design /project specialists, program managers & change management consultants
Competency Based Recruitment

Software Package includes designing & implementing a comprehensive Competency Based Recruitment Processes, Mapping People Competency Profiling, Recruitment Center – Usage of tools, techniques, simulations, in basket battery, technical, managerial, behavioral competency mapping
Hiring Benchmarking for Best Practices

On Line Manpower Planning, Hiring & staffing System

The Current Perspective
Self-doubt and Distractions
Lots of stress, no fun
Minimal anticipation
Distrust and a negative environment
Insufficient recognition and rewards
Insufficient sense of contribution
Boredom and repetition
Fears about low growth
Concerns about management competence
What Employees Want
An enjoyable work experience
A job to look forward
Great people to work with
Recognition & fair rewards
Results employees can create/contribute to
Challenge, variety & stretch
Promising future
No concerns about management
Few concerns about workload
A Great Place to Work

Web Enabled Testing Products

We can web enable a testing engine, SQL back end, for your psychometric, aptitude testing requirements

This is a Behavioral Performance Test, covers 11 personality factors, 185 items, validated with norms, 4 levels of emphasis, sten index & covers
Positive Attitude, Degree of Integrity, Aggressiveness, Customer Focus, Target Driven, Quick on Uptake, Persuasiveness, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Tactful Negotiation Skills, Process System Skills - Widely used by business organizations for selections, training, capability development, career planning & promotions
The 3 tests cover basic verbal usage, simple numerical, spatial, diagrammatic reasoning, visual analysis, logical perspectives. Advanced test deals with Verbal reasoning, language usage, grammatical communication, numerical analytics, conceptual spatial, diagrammatic reasoning, data interpretation, visual analysis logical perspectives -The Business Aptitude Test covers analytical communication usage, professional articulation, long range - analytical planning, forecasting, scenario reasoning, strategy language usage and familiarity with concepts. Includes external communication, information analytics, conceptual spatial, diagrammatic reasoning. Also includes data interpretation, The questions operate on the basis of a data bank and depending upon the candidates scoring pattern questions on a dynamic basis are drawn from the bank & provided to the candidate while responding.

Consulting Approach & Methodology

Business Technology Consulting Firms

Offer integrated solutions & enable linkage & relevance of role competencies to business & technical competencies
Business Technology Consulting Firms bring strategy, process, technology, people & organizational skills & enable strategic business linkages to human capital effectiveness
Integrated cross functional expertise with depth of experience facilitates implementation & lasting change Competencies lead to defining Key Performance Indicators, Key Business Processes & Action Steps, & needs holistic appreciation beyond confines of functional domain skills
Provide tailored & practical solutions participating in its implementation thro’ Best Practices, international experience & reach

Client Partnerships

Rich experience of working with Indian & International Business Enterprises, PSU and Government & Industry Vertical clients
Experiences & Seasoned Professional Engagement team with deep experience in implementing lasting change & transformational efforts
Partnering, hands on, implementation focused & inclusive approach to help clients achieve sustainable, significant & measurable improvement
Participative, consultative with full time Client counterparts
Consultants transfer knowledge to Client counterparts for carrying the initiative further on their own
Modular proposal to give the company the choice to absorb interventions based on considerations of available management attention & resources
Benefits of our global experience & industry thought leadership
Passion to work for Knowledge Based Businesses

Have been or are on similar assignments – Acknowledged as an authority in the area
Have authored “Balanced Scorecard Based PMS”, “Competency Based HRM” through McGraw Hill & “Star Track 100, Building 21C Leaders”, “Knowledge Human Resources” through UnivCanada Publications
Conducted national workshops, a substantive expertise & credibility amongst clients in actual hands on implementation
Dedicated team of professionals with relevant teaching, facilitation, consulting skills & deep industry knowledge
Application of local industry expertise & knowledge of ground realities
Application of learning's from organizational transformation assistance provided in similar complex environments
Benefits of our participative,
“Hands on”
approach to consulting,
which focuses on developing practical, implementable solutions
We believe that this could be a meaningful partnership
We believe that in this partnership lies mutual prosperity
Dr G Shermon their teams, institutions have built a network of good will, relationships & clients with some of the worlds respected best. For example: Ascent Air, ACC, Aptech, ABN Amro Bank, American President Lines, Bharati - Air Cell, Accord Group, Bank of America, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Bank National De Paris, Birla Group, Bharat Petroleum, Bayer – Aventis, British Gas, Binani Industries, Cargill, Citibank NA, Crompton Greaves, Colgate Palmolive, Contract Advertising, Colgate Palmolive, Coca Cola, Canon, CEAT, Credit Lyonnais Bank, Cadbury Schweppes, DCB, Dabur India, Dominos, Dalmia Group, Deloitte & Touché, Det Norske Veritas, Deepak Fertilizer, Electrolux, E Clerx, Ernst & Young, GMR Group, General Motors, Global Trust Bank, Godrej Boyce, G E, Gillette, Grey, Hindustan Petroleum, Hero Honda, HDFC Bank, HDFC Chubb, HTA, Hughes, Hitachi, ICICI, IOC, IDBI Bank, ICICI Prudential Insurance, IRE, ITC, J D Power, Jindals, J&J, K G Group, KPMG, L G Electronics, Lalbhai Group, Lupin, Larsen & Toubro, Maruti Suzuki, MBT, M & M Murugappa Group, Micro Inks, Mudra, NIIT, Nestle Limited, Oman Refinery Company, Oman Gas Company, Orange, Onida, Pace Express, JWT Holdings, Pfizer Inc, Pro Agro, Quintiles Inc, Riyam Engineering ( Omzest Group – Oman) Reliance Petroleum, Reliance Infocom, Reliance industries, Ranbaxy, Reckitt Benkiser, Raymond’s, MAN Financials, REFFCO, Rizvi Group, Spectramind, Satyam Info Way, Stan Chartered Bank, Siemens, Syngenta Inc, Tata Group, Tata AIG Insurance, Unilever, Wipro, Whirlpool ,Zenzar Technology, Zydus Cadilla, Government of Gujarat, Andra Pradesh SEB, Asian Development Bank, DFID (UK), World Bank.

With a Vision & Mission Statement

“Empowerment through Education”
“To add value in every client interaction and make the relationship meaningful”
A Statement of Purpose, Values & Value Proposition

We commit to bring talent to organizations seeking to nurture & build careers

We are in business to educate, help make learning happen

We facilitate organizations manage their human resources, the HRM Knowledge, activity, system and the process

We offer world-class technology savvy products and services, naturalized to local conditions, at economical prices

We are guided by our moral values in our pursuit of knowledge to make a difference to our clients and our people.

Global Business Partnerships


Riyam Engineering, of the Omzest Group, Oman is a High Performing member of the Corporate Sector of the Sultanate of Oman, spanning over 50 companies in a wide range of fields including projects, banking, services, contracts, electronics, engineering, pharmaceuticals, health, education, information technology etc

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