Psychometric Testing & Recruiting Canada
Specializing in
Recruiting, Assessment, Pre & Post Hiring Testing,
Balanced Scorecard – PMS, Business Intelligence Systems,
Is pleased to offer a suite of value added solutions customized to specific needs of the learner

The Organization facilitates creation & implementation of software solutions for
everyday business needs in the field of Human Resources

Founded in 1992 as Skill Search International, the company has been a thought,
development & execution leader for many years satisfying a wide range client needs.

Psychometric Testing & Recruiting Canada
Is a Business Performance Management Company – Using
“CAPASITY © – Capability Assessment Integrity”
the company focuses on TWO Value Adding Software Development Services.
Strategic Business Balanced Scorecard & Performance Assessments
All its services are technology oriented facilitating easy implementation for the
A Technology company with a Difference – We work with clients using a
Consulting Methodology where we understand the needs of the client & offer
customized solutions within a suite of Packaged Software

We are in business with an objective to add value and serve where our
contribution is sought and is of relevance.
We guarantee depth of learning, internalization and result orientation

Suite of Integrated Talent Management Solutions

We offer a complete range of
Technology Solutions

HRIS & On Line Recruitment
On Line Competency Based Assessment
Psychometric Testing Based Recruitment
On Line Balanced Scorecard – Performance Management System
On Line hiring & Testing & Benchmarking

“Open the mind, create best practices, build a learning organization, manage knowledge
and measure intellectual capital through futuristic HR solutions”

On Line Assessments - Competency Mapping, Assessment & Development Center
A completely automated Assessment Center – Software enables establishing role
based competencies, competency clusters, meta & sub competencies, assigning
proficiency levels, establishing standards, defining behaviors, using a
competency dictionary with over 1000 competencies & behaviors with user
friendly templates for assessor evaluation, data entry, scoring, compilation &
analysis of scores, gap analysis, integrated with psychometric tests to generate
comprehensive reports at a confidential level for the company & at a
developmental level for the individual. Easy to use for hiring, promotions,
career & succession planning including training & development

Packaged Software
Assessment & Testing Products

E Human Resources
Information System

HRIS package includes
Position Evaluation,
Manpower planning,
Staffing, campus
recruitment, on line
screening, data base
management, training,
competency mapping,
coaching, retention,
performance, goal setting,
review & feedback
Competency Based

Software Package includes
designing & implementing a
comprehensive Competency
Based Recruitment Processes,
Mapping People Competency
Profiling, Recruitment Center –
Usage of tools, techniques,
simulations, in basket battery,
technical, managerial,
behavioral competency
Templates include Application
Blank, Interview Evaluation
Sheet, Group Work
Measurement, Aptitude Tests &
Consolidated Reports

Web Enabled Testing Products
We can web enable an Assessment Testing engine,
SQL back end, for your psychometric, aptitude
testing requirements



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