Career Management : The Necessity (Download)
HR has now a significant role to perform in ushering in the new economic era by integrating its role with information technology and knowledge management strategies.

Career Management : Generic People Success Factors (Download)
Deep functional and people appreciation, environment, competition, organizational capabilities, financial strengths, self management competencies, team building and strong sense of bottom line orientation that would enhance shareholder value are but a few of the new found compulsions for this "holistic manager".

Career Management : Motivation Theory 2010 (Download)
Making owners out of employees and making employees out of owners is the best way to describe the current organizational scenario.

Career Management : Critical Success Factors that Make (Download)
High tech, high touch is relevant when technology appears to dominate people and their contribution within organizational setting. They say that the first impression is the last one. If that is the case then your resume is the source of the first impression that your future employer will have of you. A resume summarizes your accomplishments, your education, and your work experience, and should reflect your strengths. Needless to say that great care should be taken to in writing your resume. We present here some of the Fundamentals of a Good Resume (All of which can be gleaned in a few minutes by a potential employer!) An effective resume is the foundation of every successful job campaign. Most students write their first resume when they are seeking internships or summer employment, but resume writing skills are equally important for seniors approaching graduation and alumni seeking advancement.

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