Psychometric Testing & Recruiting Canada
Specializing in
Recruiting, Assessment, Pre & Post Hiring Testing,
Balanced Scorecard – PMS, Business Intelligence Systems,
Is pleased to offer a suite of value added solutions customized to specific needs of the learner

The Organization facilitates creation & implementation of software solutions for
everyday business needs in the field of Human Resources

Founded in 1992 as Skill Search International, the company has been a thought,
development & execution leader for many years satisfying a wide range client needs.

Psychometric Testing & Recruiting Canada
Is a Business Performance Management Company – Using
“CAPASITY © – Capability Assessment Integrity”
the company focuses on TWO Value Adding Software Development Services.
Strategic Business Balanced Scorecard & Performance Assessments
All its services are technology oriented facilitating easy implementation for the
A Technology company with a Difference – We work with clients using a
Consulting Methodology where we understand the needs of the client & offer
customized solutions within a suite of Packaged Software

We are in business with an objective to add value and serve where our
contribution is sought and is of relevance.
We guarantee depth of learning, internalization and result orientation

On Line Performance Management – Strategic
Business Balanced Scorecard Portal

Advantage – Employer

The SBBSC – PMS Portal built around
the two decade long concepts of BSC -
Kaplan & Norton © & Andersen
Business Consulting © brings in best
practices from world-class ERP
packages is customized to build
Strategy Maps, Construct Objectives,
Key Result Areas, Key Performance
Indicators, Initiatives, Action Plans &
Value Drill Exercises. The package
provides a user friendly method to
cascade objectives & monitor
Advantage – User

The SBBSC – PMS Portal enables
departmental heads to understand
& apply the Strategy Map at the
operational level, bringing down
relevant objectives to the operating
level, identifying value creation
factors, eliminate non strategic
work. The head of the function
establishes targets, measures,
monitors performance, sets base line
data, enables comparative
benchmarks, provides feedback post
on line monitoring.

Scorecard is a management tool that allows a business

  • Manage Business/function as a strategic asset & a source of competitive advantage
  • Quantitatively demonstrate profit contribution to the firm’s financial results & profitability
  • Create & measure the degree of alignment between the business strategy & its architecture.
Hence it allows to fill a strategic role in the business ie participating fully in the balanced goals of cutting costs & creating added value.

A well constructed score card allows managers to monitor their input into
the organisation’s results on an ongoing basis & make periodic
adjustments to ensure the architecture remains aligned with the evolving
business strategy.

Software Implementation or PLUG & PLAY .exe files

We will provide assistance in developing a customized performance scorecard
or simply help you plu & play a readymade package. Provide support to the
client organisation during implementation of the scorecard since it involves
change management. Any change effort needs to enable both organisational &
personal transitions in order to institutionalise the shift from the current to the
new identity for the HR function. Hence, we will work with the Client to make
changes in organisational mechanisms & people capabilities.



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