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Psychometric Testing Canada Limited is pleased to present its consulting capability in “Assessor
Training – Assessment & Development Center”
. The solution seeks to provide a state of art benchmarked
solution, customized for Asian Organizations with advanced consulting content, methodology, tools &
techniques, delivered by world-class consultants with a commitment to make change happen at the point of

We guarantee depth of learning, internalization and result orientation.

For Organizations that wish to introduce competency based assessments for selections, development, training,
performance management or rewards, this workshop would provide them absolute clarity on “How” to implement
a Competency Based Assessments by training your Assessors

A trained Assessor hires, trains and develops high quality people. Learning to be an assessor is an obligation of every
professional manager. Understanding behaviors is a critical component of assessment. Our workshop sharpens your native judgment capability by using “Competency techniques”.

An assessment center is a procedure that uses multiple assessment technique to evaluate employees for a variety of
manpower purposes and decisions. (Thornton and Byham, 1982). An assessment center focuses on providing information on the individual’s current and potential competence to perform a job successfully. It squarely focused on the behavior that an individual demonstrates and should ideally demonstrate. It helps elicit personal and capability information and data on people to help make more informed decisions and encourages greater objectivity in decisions pertaining particularly to career, potential and succession planning. Effectively it enables new recruit hiring smarter and efficient given war for talent. An assessment center consists of a standardized evaluation of behavior based on multiple inputs obtained through tools & techniques. Several trained observers and techniques are used. Judgments about behavior are made, in major part, from specifically developed assessment simulations. These judgments are pooled in a meeting among the assessors or by a statistical integration process. In an integration discussion, comprehensive accounts of behavior, and often ratings of it, are pooled. The discussion results in evaluations of the performance of the assessee on the dimensions/ competencies or other variables that the assessment center is designed to measure. Statistical combination methods should be validated in accordance with professionally accepted standards. The judgments are at times also dealt with independently without consultation to build in neutrality, eliminate inter rater biases & provide each assessor freedom to express a point of view.

“Assessment & Development Workshop”, aim at linking the human resource systems of an organization to talent
management purpose from the point of view of attracting and retaining top talent. The competency focus gives
insights into the process of aligning the human resources with the need to develop capability. It tries to chart out the
differences between the superior and average performers of an organization including identifying and developing
technical, managerial, business, functional and behavioral competencies of an employee.

© Competency Based Human Resource Management, by Dr. G Shermon - McGraw Hill, India
ISBN – 0 – 07 – 052804 - 7

Workshop Coverage
Mapping Role Based Competencies, People Competency Profiling, Development of a Competency Model with
assessment in perspective, Assessment and Development Center: Experiential Workshop with tools and techniques,
Role of an Assessor, Principles behind an Assessment Center, Effective Usage of a Development Center,
Introduction to the Concept of a Talent Managerial Center, Usage of Psychometric tests for assessing competencies, On Line Assessment Center

Methodology - Work Steps
The framework is both conceptual and experiential level including case analysis of organizations that have implemented competency approaches. Includes an Experiential Assessment Center containing a battery of multiple modules of psychological tests, simulations, cases, team working, Role Plays, Work Preference Inventory, Career Profiles etc.

Goals for Deliverables

  1. Understand concepts and practice in regard to Competency Based Organizational Strategy and Processes
    including Core Competence, Competence and People competency and its application in Human Resources
  2. Develop a basic appreciation of the creation, development and institutionalization of a Competency Mapping
    System and its applicability to assessment
  3. Identify the elements, learn through workshop mode, human and behavioral learning, behavioral event interviews, effective and ethical use of tests on individuals in their personal and professional situations
  4. Learn the usage simulations tools and techniques in an Assessment/Talent Centers and using knowledge gained
    from assessments foe executive decision making on people
  5. Develop the capability to adapt a specific Assessment/Development Center Tools to your organization
    circumstance and cultural fitment. Understand the rights and obligations of the company and the individual in
    testing situations.

Suited for an Organizational Profile
The solution is eminently suited for Organizations that wish to build testing, assessment capabilities at an organizational and functional HR - line management level and for those who are involved in selections, recruitment, development, promotions, performance & potential assessment and competency based assessment which includes substantive knowledge of psychometric testing. Useful for organizations that wishes to ensure ethical and moral principles are followed while performing psychological tests on either current or potential employees. We will run your tests for you on or off line for all of your people assessment needs.

Consulting & Industry Experience
Psychometric Testing & Recruiting Canada Consultants have been on several consulting assignments in the global market
conducting Managerial, Assessment, and Development Centers for talent attraction, development, promotions, careers and retention. A significant part of their business scope arises from this consulting practice. Many consulting firms have been trained by Psychometric Testing Canada Limited to conduct assessment centers, design individual development reports, articulate functional & group reports. The expertise includes constructing tests, tools & techniques customized to map specific competencies and later to be used at the center.

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